Wooden Doors And Windows Seals

- Jan 29, 2018-

Product Features: Self-adhesive wooden door seal using EPDM (EPDM) rubber foam, created its outstanding characteristics.

Excellent weather resistance and anti-aging properties

Ozone resistance and chemical corrosion resistance

Foaming flexible Sealing Strip

Excellent cold and heat resistance ( -50℃~+170℃)

Super Elastic, 200% tensile



1, the use of high-quality EPDM rubber, foaming process production.

2, the back of the use of imported double-sided tape, laminated for the grid-like fiberglass.

Applicable scope and installation method:

1. Applicable to all kinds of doors, windows and so on.

2. Installation method: With double-sided adhesive, directly paste can be (paste surface must be smooth, clean, smooth, dry).

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