The Reason Of Insufficient Thermal Stability Of PVC Edge Banding

- Apr 14, 2018-

PVC Edge Banding has the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, strength, hardness, and high bending degree.

Its surface performance is good, wearresistant, can be repaired, the surface effect is also good, its pattern and color can have close to the natural wood color of the log, can also have other color pattern, the bottom surface passes through the mesh processing or the coating treatment PVC Edge Strip Bond effect is also very good. Its specification: The thickness is 0.2~3mm, the width is 19-50mm, the length is 1000mm a volume.

  PVC Edge Bar thickness of more than 2mm has a certain degree of stress, the use must be heated to soften or improve the temperature of the binder, otherwise the stress will not stick to the fall of their own. Industry experts introduced, PVC edge bar easy to appear stability, foaming, aging and other issues.

There are several reasons for the lack of thermal stability of PVC edge banding

  1. Heat stabilizer unqualified or improper choice;

  2. Insufficient dosage of heat stabilizer;

  3. The setting of processing temperature is unreasonable, the main temperature is too high;

  4. Extruder screw speed too fast;

  5. The formula system internal and external lubrication of the collocation or dosage is unreasonable;

  6. The stability of the main raw materials such as PVC itself is insufficient. In addition, the reasonable  mixture processing conditions will greatly reduce the influence of volatile components in raw materials

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