Some Issues That Should Be Noted When Installing Pvc Plastic Door And Window Seals Part 2

- Apr 04, 2018-

III: The type of sealing strip

PVC plastic doors and windows with the sealing strip from the material is generally divided into elastic rubber - plastic sealing strip and nylon brush two kinds. From the use of class is divided into glass seal, frame fan seal two. Boxes and fan seals are divided into two types: elastic seals for flat doors and windows, and seal brushes for sliding doors and windows.

3.1 Glass Sealing Strip

Glass seals are used to seal glass with doors and window frames after glass assembly. In order to make it more closely to the glass and increase the contact area with the glass, and can withstand the pressing force of the glass bead and the wind load of the glass, the glass seal is usually designed as a zigzag, commonly known as "K" seal, the main part of the The shape and size specifications should meet the requirements of the national standard GB12002 "Plastic Doors and Windows Seals". The shape and size of the sealing strip must be maintained in the correct position after it is inserted into place, and it is not easy to remove it after being installed in the groove of the sealing strip, and it is also easy to install and ensure the sealing.

3.2 Frame fan seal

Frame-sleeve elastic sealing strips are used for sealing between flat windows, door frames and windows, and door leaves. They are usually designed as oval hollow-tailed, commonly known as "O"-shaped sealing strips. Ellipse hollow for the box. The fan is tightly sealed, and the tail is used for inserting into the door and window frame and the sealing groove of the fan seal.

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