Some Issues That Should Be Noted When Installing Pvc Plastic Door And Window Seals Part 1

- Apr 04, 2018-

The airtightness and watertightness of doors and windows are two important physical properties of the exterior windows of a building. It relates to the important properties of the sealing of windows and doors (wind and rain), sound insulation, cold protection, and dust protection. PVC plastic doors and windows compared with wood, steel, aluminum alloy doors and windows, its significant advantages are insulation, sealing, sound insulation, dust, environmental protection and energy saving performance. In addition to the excellent performance of the plastic window frame material itself, the elastic sealing strip used around the frame and window is an important guarantee for obtaining the above-mentioned excellent performance.

II: The function of the sealing strip

PVC plastic doors and windows are different from traditional doors and windows. In the assembly and use of doors and windows, suitable sealing strips must be provided.

2.1 PVC plastic doors in the glass installation, breaking the nail nails, putty put the traditional method, but the use of plastic pressure profile extrusion glass approach. Asked to make the glass securely installed and not to be broken, an elastic element must be used between the glass and the window frame, the fan, and between the glass and the plastic bead. In order to prevent rain from seeping into the room, such components are also required, namely, a glass seal and a seal between the frame fans.

2.2 PVC plastic door and window frame fan equipment and wood, steel doors and windows are also different, such as, open wood doors and windows of the fan and the box is embedded with the match, and PVC plastic window and fan box test embedded with the combination of With the cooperation method, there is a large gap between the frame and the fan due to the requirements for installing the hinge. In order to prevent wind, rain, and cold, a sealing strip must be installed at the gap between the sash and the window frame. Therefore, the elastic sealing strip plays an important role in sealing and energy saving in the use of PVC plastic doors, and is a necessary supporting material in the assembly and production of plastic doors and windows.

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