Seal Method Of Door .

- Apr 24, 2018-

As we all know, the safety door and door frame seal easy to cause the problem of ventilation and sound insulation. So that winter winds blow through the door and bring down the room temperature; The noise inside the building, inside the house or inside the house and out of the house, and so forth, affect our lives. So how do you solve the problem that the door of the security door is not tight? Below I introduce a low cost, simple and easy experience method.

1.Find the door seam and measure the size of the door: find the gap between the safety door and the fitting part of the door frame, and measure the gap size to provide the data basis for choosing the suitable sticky wool bar.

2.Choose the suitable stickiness strip: choose the suitable stickiness strip according to the clearance size.

3.Wipe the area of the hair strip: use a clean towel to wipe the area of the hair strip clean, especially not to leave the dust and moisture, or affect the paste effect.

4.Pasting wool: paste the prepared strips in the clean area. Do not use too much air pressure at this time. Avoid sticking to the paste.

5.Close the safety door test: close the safety door after the paste is finished, check and paste the effect, and correct the improper parts.

6.Completion: close the entire security door, and all the gaps have been sealed, which will be good for wind resistance.

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