Precautions For Door Seals

- Jan 29, 2018-

Glass installation is not centered, glass and window frame gap uneven, rubber seal not close to the glass and window frame, installation is not smooth. Knock on the glass with your hands, there is a loose sound. Causes of this situation:

1. When the glass is installed, the debris in the slot is not cleared in time to make the glass and slot wrong.

2. Glass groove with the gap uneven, rubber and glass, glass groove contact, protruding glass groove, with the hand can easily pull off the seal.

3. At the corner of the rubber strip is not broken, adhesive bonding.

Corrective measures are:

1. Before the installation of glass to carefully remove the debris in the slot, such as mortar, brick, wood and so on, the glass should be carefully placed, to ensure that both sides of the gap evenly, and in a timely manner fixed, to prevent collision displacement, deviated from the Groove Center.

2. Rubber sealing strip cannot pull too tight, the blanking length is longer than the assembly length 20-30mm. Installation should be inlaid in place, the surface is flat, and glass, glass groove close contact, so that the glass surrounding force evenly. The rubber strip at the corner should be inclined to disconnect and be securely bonded at the point of disconnection.

3. Sealing sealant with fixed glass, should first use rubber or rubber blocks will be used to squeeze the glass, leave the injection gap, glue depth should not be less than 5mm, in the gel before curing, should keep the glass from vibration.

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