Measures For Installing Door Sealing Strips

- Mar 16, 2018-

When the glass is not centered, the gap between the glass frames is uneven, the rubber sealing strip is not close to the glass and the window frame, and the installation is not smooth. Hit the glass with your hand and let loose. 

The reason for this situation: 1. When the glass is installed, the debris in the notch is not removed in time, so that the glass and the notch are not aligned. 

2. The gap between the glass and the glass notch is uneven, the rubber strip is in poor contact with the glass and the glass groove, and the glass notch protrudes. The seal can be easily pulled off by hand. 

3. The rubber strip is not broken at the corners and is not glued. 

The measures for rectification are: 1. Before installing the glass, carefully remove the debris in the slot, such as mortar, brick, wooden block, etc., and place the glass carefully when it is placed to ensure that the gap on both sides is even and fixed in time to prevent collision displacement. Notch center.

 2. The rubber seal cannot be pulled too tightly and the length of the blanking is 20-30mm longer than the assembly length. The installation should be in place, the surface is flat, close contact with the glass, glass notch, so that the glass around the force. The rubber strips should be cut off at the corners and glued firmly at the disconnection. 

3. When sealing the glass with sealant, the glass should be squeezed with a rubber strip or a rubber block to leave gaps for injection. The depth of the injection should be no less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept free of vibration.

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