Why do I need to use seals

- Mar 16, 2018-

 (1) Shock absorption and collision avoidance. In the wind, for entrance doors without door-seal sealing rubber strips, it will cause loud noises. The door frame will often collide so hard and hard against the door, the installed wall and the windows. Make a big impact. The sealing tape at the door edge can effectively avoid this situation.

 (2) Seal (energy-saving), closed sound. As we all know, the soundproof effects of the two “vents” in doors and windows installed in most bedrooms are not good. The reason for this is that the door-seal shock-absorbing rubber strips are not responsible. The same applies to conference rooms, confidential rooms, and so on. In addition, in rural areas, if the airtightness of the room is good, it will be more convenient to kill mosquitoes in the summer.

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