Identification Of Door Sealing Strip

- Jan 29, 2018-

1. Surface infiltration of oil precipitation phenomenon, those waste oil and PVC insoluble, sealing strip surface is prone to grease, on the surface of the profile also infected with yellow traces. Even the environmental protection has many volatile matter, pollutes the air.

2. When those so-called plasticizers evaporate or seep, the seal will lose its original softness, become very hard, and quickly aging shrinkage, so that a part of the closed doors and windows appear very large gaps, airtight become very poor (leakage, leakage) in particular, steel doors and windows inside the lining will soon be corroded, There are many users often found in the rainy season from the window of the layering site out a lot of red liquid is very dirty, that is, door and window leakage of steel lining premature corrosion, door and window life will be greatly reduced.

In the actual production process, the input of sealing strip is very small, but its function can not be neglected.

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