How To Install The Window Seal?

- Mar 29, 2018-

TIM图片20180329083443.png1, Glass mats and plastic seals: (window frames, sashes) should be welded in the corner after the rubber strip in the correct direction of the direction with a special roller to push the strip into the profile slot a little hard, while the strip Push down on the head until it fits into the notch in the profile. Since the strip is an elastomer, the retraction may occur after rolling. The correct method is: when the strip is installed at the interface between the two ends, retract the strip ends to the middle and leave a 2- 3cm contraction margin, then cut into the slot.

2, Glass bead: The right side of the tape by hand to the tip of the strip into the profile groove, and then forcefully press the exposed surface of the strip, the strip into the gap between the glass and the profile. The tapes at the two ends are retracted to the middle, leaving a length of 1-2 cm and then cut into the slots.

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