How To Install The Door And Window Seals?

- Aug 16, 2018-

Door and window seals are divided into glass seal strips and tops. Seal strips are generally used on door and window sashes. There are special seal strips on the bead and door and window. The main function is to make the glass and frame fan tighter through the strip and the inner fan. The airtightness of doors and windows. The installation part of the sealing strip should be flat, not curled, and should not be stretched. The joint should be less than 1MM. The type of sealing strip should match. If the strip is too pressed, the strip will fall off easily. And the fan is not tight, there will be gaps, the sealing strip should use non-toxic, odorless environmentally friendly special sealing strip.

The installation position of the top is generally on the door and window sash, around the frame fan or on the sealing bridge (wind block), and the sealing between the frame and the fan is enhanced. If the top size is too large or the vertical hair is too high, not only the assembly is difficult, but also the resistance of the door and window is increased, especially the initial resistance of the opening and the resistance of the closing position are large. If the specification is too small, the height of the vertical top is not enough to escape from the slot, so that the sealing performance of the (door) window is greatly reduced. The tops are subjected to silicidation, and the quality of the tops is flat and the bottom and vertical are smooth. No bending, no pitting on the bottom plate, bubbles, vertical hair and the bottom plate are firmly bonded, the density is uniform, and it is not easy to lose hair.