Features And Functions Of Door And Window Seals

- Jun 20, 2018-

    The doors and Windows sealing strip in our household life rise a role, doors and Windows sealing strip can be isolated from noise, dust, still can prevent frostbite, warm, is brought great convenience to people's life.

    Door window seal is mainly used in plastic steel doors and Windows, aluminum doors and Windows, wooden doors and Windows and other architectural decorative doors and Windows.In the market, the sealing strips of PVC, modified PVC, epc, elastomer (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silicone and other materials are generally extruded.

    Doors and Windows sealing strip on purpose into glass sealing strip (strip), door leaf and door cover seal wool top three categories, sealing strip used for glass and glass door and frame, the seal between the door leaf door cover sealing strip is mainly used for doors and door frame, the seal between the galley is mainly used for sealing between frame and door.In the production and installation of plastic steel doors and Windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and wooden doors, sealing strips are an indispensable accessory.

    Sealing tape plays an important role in water proofing, sealing and energy saving in plastic steel doors and Windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows and wooden doors and Windows.It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance.

    In order to ensure the fastening of the rubber strip and the profile, the section structure size of the strip must match the profile of the doors and Windows of plastic steel.Sealing tape is commonly used for open doors and Windows, hanging Windows, folding doors and Windows.Main functions are dust - proof, insect - proof, waterproof, sound - proof, sealing and so on.

    The installation parts of the sliver are generally on the push and pull window (door) fan, around the frame fan or on the sealing bridge (wind block), enhancing the sealing between the frame and the fan.The sliver specification is the important factor that affects sliding door window and watertight performance, it is also the important factor that affects door window switch force.Oversize or overcoat of wool, not only difficult to assemble, but also increase the resistance of door and window movement, especially the initial resistance when opening and the last resistance when closing.Specification is too small, or the height of vertical wool is not enough, easy to get out of the groove outside, so that the sealing performance of Windows and doors is greatly reduced.

    Wool top, which has two kinds of silicide with the silicide, after silicide processing of wool top in use effect is better, quality qualified wool top appearance as the surface flat, bottom and vertical hair smooth, no bending, no pitting on the floor, comply with the provisions of the 0.2 mm.

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