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- May 14, 2018-


Our company can produce all kinds of door and window sealing strips, automobile door and window sealing strips, industrial sealing gaskets, pipeline rubber cleaning balls, rubber tubes, rubber sheets, etc.

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Product introduction

Aluminum alloy, broken aluminum doors and windows thermal insulation performance is good, thermal insulation can not be separated from the role of sealing strips, sealing strips play an important role in the middle. The inside and outside of the heat insulation profile are combined with frame softness, and the frame adopts a three-seal form of a rubber strip and a double wool strip, which is tightly closed, airtight, and particularly excellent in watertight performance, superior in thermal insulation performance, and has the ability to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and flies; the sash is made of insulating glass. The structure, heat-insulating sealing strips and frame fan seals make the windows truly show the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation, which greatly save heating and cooling costs.

Product Usage

Door and window seals are mainly used in plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other architectural decorative doors and windows. The main role of dust, pest control, waterproof, noise, sealing, etc.

product material

Rubber, EPDM, Silicone, Waterborne (thermoplastic elastomer)


Smooth surface, anti-corrosion, weather resistance, cooling effect, not only has excellent sealing waterproof performance, but also plays a beautiful decorative role. For different shapes, different materials, or products that are cold-resistant, heat-resistant, foamed, dense, and have special performance requirements, all can meet the needs of design and use.

Product advantages

It can be used for free sample production, the company engaged in foreign trade export volume, price concessions, quality assurance.

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