Deng Yali: From The Data, The Economic Operation Of The Rubber Industry In 2017

- Jun 20, 2018-

   On March 28, held in Qingdao in China rubber industry association in the global rubber industry's largest international event, the 2018 annual meeting of the China rubber, rubber association in long Deng Yali comprehensively summarized in a report in 2017 China rubber industry situation of economic operation.

    In 2017, there were 3,644 enterprises above the size of the rubber products industry in China, a decrease of 324.The main business revenue was 959.936 billion yuan, an increase of 8.21% over the same period last year.The total profit was 53.55 billion yuan, up 1.80%.Investment in fixed assets reached 172.55 billion yuan, down 2.40%, of which 42.7 billion yuan was invested in tires, down 23.5%, down for four consecutive years.Assets totaled 852.449 billion yuan, up 8.62 percent.In 2017, China's export trade of rubber products totaled us $46.54 billion, an increase of 4.94 percent.It accounts for 24.1% of the national petrochemical industry, down 1.9 percentage points, but remains the largest export industry in the petrochemical industry.

Among the 42 kinds of rubber products that the China rubber industry association mainly counted, the production of 28 kinds of rubber products increased, accounting for 66.67%.Among them, the production volume of products closely related to the consumer market, environmental protection and green manufacturing, infrastructure construction and national key projects increased rapidly.

According to association of 407 key enterprises, in 2017, the enterprise sales revenue grew 14.99%, year-on-year increase 10.56%, a 26.29% increase in 2015, reversing a downward trend since 2012.

In statistics major, the sales revenue of rubber shoes only increased negatively, continuing the sluggish trend since 2012.The growth rate of rubber auxiliaries was lower than that of the previous year.

Statistics show that the value of export delivery of enterprises increased by 18.33%, with an increase of 18.54 percentage points over the previous year, and an increase of 30.43 percentage points over 2015, reversing the export downturn since 2012.The export rate was 30.91%, up 1.85 percentage points.

Among them, the comprehensive utilization of rubber pipe belt and waste rubber has two major negative growth;Six majors including tyre, rubber products, latex, rubber mechanical molds, rubber auxiliaries and skeleton materials have maintained the growth trend and increased the growth rate.

The industry benefits are differentiated, suffering and happiness are uneven, and the industrial chain benefits are tilted.

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