China Yiwu Hardware And Electrical Expo Opens

- Jun 11, 2018-

    On April 20, is the season of spring flowers, the grass sprout out of the earth, 2018 China yiwu hardware appliances exposition and intelligent electronic and digital accessories exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: yiwu hardware) in the grand opening of yiwu international exhibition center, from all over the country hardware tools, building hardware, daily hardware, mechanical and electrical machinery, household appliances/intelligent electronic industries such as high quality enterprise together, a total of learning.

    Highlight 1: the theme of the exhibition is bright and the products are rich

    There are 1513 international standard booths and 1064 enterprises, covering an area of 33,000 square meters.Products cover hardware tools, construction hardware, daily hardware, mechanical and electrical machinery, household appliances/intelligent electronics and other six industries more than 1,500 categories.The exhibitors come from 19 provinces, cities and regions including zhejiang, shandong, guangdong, hebei, jiangsu and fujian.The enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the exhibition has been continuously improved, and the number of booths has increased by 19.04% year-on-year in 2017.

    Highlight 2: to meet the market demand, set up intelligent lock area

    Intelligent lock is a product of high frequency used in intelligent household sheet is tasted, 2017 was the outbreak of the intelligent lock market demand growth period, intelligent lock industry has developed rapidly, the brand and category diversification, intelligent lock has ran out of the market of billions.Yiwu hardware will set up a special area of intelligent lockset in D1 hall. A number of intelligent lockset enterprises of brands, such as ceremony makers, jinbaifu, supernormal, hua ying and ai borui, will appear together.

    Highlight 3: many international buyers face to face with you

    The yiwu trade fair international purchase hardware will site, were invited from Russia, kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Singapore and so on more than 10 countries of 20 overseas professional procurement buyers to negotiate with order.Garden machinery, hand tools, power tools, hardware tools, switches, bearings and department stores.Nearly 100 suppliers from the site rushed to the site for procurement docking.Both parties involved in the negotiation said that the trade mode of the negotiation meeting is novel, the buyer's purchase demand is clear, and the supplier can be seated quickly according to the industry matching principle, which greatly improves the negotiation efficiency.

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