Characteristics Of Sealing Strip For Doors And Windows

- Jan 29, 2018-

Plastic steel doors and windows in recent years the application of a wide range of doors and windows, it is more than ordinary doors and windows seal has a better anti-corrosion, weather resistance, noise insulation effect. PVC door and window seal surface smooth, not only has excellent sealing waterproof performance, but also plays a beautiful decorative role. In the selection of materials, the general requirements of higher manufacturers are the use of EPDM rubber or thermoplastic epdm.

EPDM Products Main properties: non-toxic products, environmental protection, anti-aging, high temperature, stable performance, summer and winter can maintain good performance.

1, steel skeleton Three composite, not easy deformation contraction, strong assembly, good sealing

2, doors, windows, curtain wall with the seal, the product has a good elasticity, resistance to migration, can effectively block noise, dustproof, weatherproof.

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