Bathroom Door Seal

- May 14, 2018-

The sound insulation of the home window is very important because it is connected with the outside and is the weak link of sound insulation. The soundproofing of a window, like a door, depends mainly on the thickness of the glass and the degree of sealing between the sash and the frame. When we live in a high-rise building, we will find out why the electric heating and air-conditioning do not work. The key is that the insulation of doors and windows is too poor. The reason for this is the tightness of the doors and windows. Hot air or cold air can enter directly from the crevice. The air or hot air in the room overflows seriously. Even if you have installed good equipment, you cannot solve the root cause. Most of the energy still slipped away. Doors and windows with a low degree of adhesion are not only energy-saving and low-loss, but also have poor sound insulation. Holes, gaps, sound insulation and wavelength or frequency of incident sound waves

1. High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, kink resistant deformation;

        2. Environmental protection is non-toxic, odorless, high elasticity, and high tensile strength;

        3. Bonding mouth is smooth and firm, can withstand 5KG pulling force;

        4. Strong waterproof sealing, no discoloration and no smell during long-term use;

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