Nanning Cooperated With Northeastern University To Build The Guangxi Advanced Aluminum Processing Innovation Center.

- Apr 16, 2018-

    On April 15, nanning government and northeastern university in nanning signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will jointly promote the comprehensive cooperation, aluminum processing field in guangxi nanning construction advanced aluminum processing center for innovation, realize the industrialization of science and technology to the application of rapid transformation.

    According to the agreement, for the further implementation of jinping general secretary last visit south guangxi aluminum processing co., LTD., the important speech spirit, in order to satisfy the demands of nanning strategic emerging industry development, promote advanced aluminum processing technology's capacity for independent innovation as a starting point, northeastern university, will be in nanning construction has the international leading level of guangxi advanced aluminum processing center for innovation, trying to form with independent intellectual property rights international leading innovation, bring up a batch of domestic high level talents and innovation team, promote the key technology and equipment manufacturing services to the real economy, create a good economic, social and environmental benefits.

    Northeastern university is the domestic well-known universities, scientific research and teaching, and have developed the first piece of super steel vanadium titanium magnetite smelting technology, iron and steel industry energy conservation theory and technology, the controlled rolling technology of controlled cooling, hybrid intelligent optimization control technology such as a large number of high level scientific research achievements, in technology transfer and cooperation of production, study and formed distinct characteristics.

    On the same day, chairman of the autonomous region Chen wu met with northeastern university President Zhao Jihe Chinese academy of engineering academician wang a line, hope to northeastern university to the strategic cooperation as an opportunity to make full use of its superiority of scientific research, talent, and promote guangxi aluminum deep processing industry, power industry, "second venture" for the needs of high-level personnel training more industry development in guangxi.

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