Aluminum Alloy To Help An Arrow Double Star Flying

- Apr 14, 2018-

        March 30 1:56 A.M., our country in Xichang Satellite Launch Center with the Long March third B launch vehicle, "one Arrow double Star" way to successfully launch the 30th, 31 Beidou navigation satellite.

        Aluminum Northeast Light Alloy company for the launch of the rocket provides two kinds of aluminum alloy, more than 20 specifications of important parts and a variety of specifications for aerospace forgings.

        Aerospace material specifications multi-shape complex process is very difficult In recent years, the East Light Company researchers and engineering and technical personnel through hard research and unremitting efforts to successfully develop aerospace with high-quality aluminum alloy sheet, profiles, rods and forging ring, such as a number of varieties of aluminum alloy key materials, has become the Long March series of aluminum alloy materials designated manufacturer,

        Kazakhstan has independent intellectual property rights of aluminum alloy materials have been identified as the Long March series of launch vehicle needs of the stereotyped products. East Light Company for the Long march of the third-B launch vehicle provides two alloys, more than 20 specifications of important parts and components.

        These materials not only have the characteristics of metallurgical quality and performance index, but also have many varieties, large size, complex shape and difficult process. Dong Light Company Board factory technical personnel Du Xiangyu told reporters: "This batch of aerospace used an alloy rolling temperature is not high, but the hardness is very high, rolling difficulty is quite large." Before the production, we held a production task preparation meeting, did a lot of detailed and meticulous preparation and contingency plans, with the greatest efforts to ensure the smooth completion of production.

        "Strip factory production, technical systems and rolling area to tackle the common problems, to 2100mm hot rolling unit successfully completed the plate rolling task."

         Within 3 days, forging molding broke the fastest forging record "Every time we see the" Long March "series of rockets launched the success of the news, we are very proud of the heart, because it has the products we produce. "East Light special material company technical personnel Yang Ruiqing to reporter said."

         East Light Special Materials Company undertakes a variety of specifications aerospace forgings ring, square and special-shaped forgings production tasks, a large number of rockets, aerospace vehicles and ancillary equipment. To complete the production task of the important structural parts of the Long March third, East Light Company received instructions, special material company production system immediately organized production systems, technical systems and forging work area emergency linkage, through careful calculation and analysis, and finally determined to a certain type of large ingot through the forging process to meet the demand.     "Forging work area to overcome difficulties, the arrangement of a large size ingot sawing, and overnight heating furnace, the first time to arrange the forging, technical personnel, production personnel to follow up, at any time to measure and solve problems, to achieve 3 days forging molding, breaking the East Light special materials company's fastest forging record."Yang Ruiqing said.
          From the source alloy casting to the internal organization performance test, from the plate rolling, tube stretching, ring forging molding to a series of heat treatment technology exploration, aluminum East Light Company to conquer many problems, and once again to China's aerospace industry handed over a qualified answer.


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