What is the Elevator Brush Strip

- May 03, 2018-

The elevator brush is also called elevator safety brush and escalator brush. Its main function is to protect people from being pinched when sitting on a lift. Due to the safety hazards caused by the gap between the escalator's steps and the side of the apron tying objects or shoelaces, crush accidents are common accidents that are second only to falls. 

The presence of escalator safety brushes has reduced the possibility of accidents. A big step has been made. The elevator brush is divided into single row and double row, there is also a kind of three rows. The elevator brush anti-clip device consists of two parts, the base and the brush. The pedestal must be a good unit body structure, does not allow the possibility of danger, and can be easily removed without injury. Its surface should be free from dirt, fire hazard, sharp edges, and it should not break. 

The brush should be soft, do not hurt the clothing, but also have a certain hardness, the brush should be able to recover after the passenger's shoes touch. At home and abroad is a strong company that integrates production and R&D. It is a strong sealing company with strong technical force, complete varieties, and excellent craftsmanship. It specializes in designing and developing new, different and special industrial brushes and matching aluminum alloy profiles.

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