Surface spraying treatment of industrial aluminum profile

- Apr 14, 2018-

Industrial Aluminum Powder Spraying technology has a good anti-corrosion function and decorative function, by the industrial aluminum industry and the construction of aluminum profile industry is widely used, as the most of the way to develop a kind of paint, in various types of paint to carry out the fastest speed.

But the aluminum alloy profile also found that the coating and coating of technical defects, as a basis for improvement.

1. The production of powder coating equipment requirements are higher than solvent-based or water-based coating equipment to be more sophisticated, the cost of production is also higher.

2. Because the equipment is more complex, fine, the production cost is also high.

3. Because the equipment is more complex, fine, powder coating is not suitable for many kinds, many patterns of change in the alternation of consumption, for different kinds of color, more difficult to compare.

4. Powder coating equipment requirements for the installation of powder paint recovery, unlike solvent-based coating construction so complex, but also to avoid dust explosions and other achievements, equipment investment is large. 

5. The resin hardening point of powder coatings is common in 85°c above, in the process of manufacturing powder coating, the melting extrusion temperature is higher than the hardening point 10°c, when the melt leveling temperature is higher than the hardening point 30-40°c above, so the powder coating baking temperature is few in 150°c, baking temperature is high.Unsuitable for heat resistance of plastic, wood, paper and other substrates of the coating, nor suitable solder parts, electronic components, such as heat-resistant articles of the coating.

 6. As a result of painting equipment and baking temperature, the original coating or water-based paint coating equipment or coating line can not be indirectly coated with powder coating.

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