The role of brush in heavy industry machinery

- Jan 29, 2018-

A lot of people don't know what the brushes are for, a short time ago friends asked me, what is the use of brush, in this can not lack of machinery and equipment in the society, brush and brush roller is essential for mechanical equipment has a great use, cleaning machine parts are not open brush, Next, the brush in heavy industry machinery in what kind of use, today is mainly the car parts.

First of all, for the car's engine transmission cleaning method, first use the disc brush to clean the body end burr and sharp edge, and then use the hole brush to clean the body Mao Thorn and sharp edge, so that can be part of the transmission, and then the car distribution pump cleaning, are used abrasive silk brush to clean. And the engine on the motorcycle and the oil and gas can be used with abrasive silk brush to clean up, of course, there are a lot of machinery need brush to the situation, with the development of machinery, the quality of the more and more high, the use of the brush is the same, more and more good, there are many types of brush, each type can be used in machinery, Of course, the effect and effect is also different.

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