The different material produced by the seal brush will affect its performance characteristics.

- Jan 29, 2018-

1, bristles are often used for the polishing of precious objects, such as gold, precious stones, piano and other surface treatment.

2, wire, such as steel wire, copper wire, generally used for metal surface deburring and other treatment, its wear-resistant performance is good.

3, abrasive nylon, with a very good wear-resistant and acid-alkali performance, commonly used in the surface treatment of PCB, galvanized sheet pickling line.

4, Nylon 610 brush silk Wear-resistant performance is good, with high temperature and acid resistance, but not very good elasticity, long time easy deformation difficult to restore, so applicable to industrial dust removal and cleaning for more rugged parts, such as mine dock dust, sanitation car sweeping brush and so on; Nylon 1010 has the best elasticity and the highest cost , but wear resistance is less than 610, the appearance of a more outstanding performance, impact resistance, anti-aging performance is also very good, the most suitable for industrial equipment and doors and windows and other dust-proof department. PBT's elasticity is better than nylon brush wire, but less wear resistance than 610,PBT performance is softer, the most suitable for fine parts of cleaning decontamination, such as car surface cleaning, air-conditioning duct cleaning, and so on.

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