The difference between the brush and the small copper wire

- Jan 29, 2018-

Steel roller brushes are usually used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plant, by a series of stainless steel brush roller installed in the fully automatic high-speed running brush polishing machine (brush machine). The steel brush roller Rotates the brush to oxidize the iron sheet on the upper and lower surface of the strip in the opposite direction of the rolling piece movement. The brushed iron oxide peel is washed off by a closed circulating cooling water flushing system. The use thickness of the general coil wire is 1.09-6.35mm, and the renewal period of the wire brush is updated once for each production of 20,000 t sheets or 40,000 T steel coils.

Flat small copper wire brush and wire brush is used in the printing industry to a cleaning brush, generally used to clean ceramic anilox rollers, metal roller and gravure printing roll. Standard specification is 250px (long) x162.5px (wide) x50px (thick), copper wire and wire peak length is generally 1.9 cm. Among them, the wire brush is dedicated to clean the ceramic Anilox roller, while the copper wire brush is used to clean the metal anilox roller and gravure plate roll.

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