PVC edge banding equipment manufacturers teach you how to identify the quality of PVC edge banding

- May 11, 2018-

    The main component of pvc edge banding is polyvinyl chloride, which is made by mixing, rolling, vacuum blister and other processes. The main function of the edge strip is to seal the cross-section of the sheet to avoid damage to the sheet by the unfavorable factors (mainly moisture) in the environment and use, and to prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde inside the sheet, and at the same time achieve a beautiful decorative effect. So, how to identify the quality of pvc edge banding? pvc edge banding equipment manufacturers give some advice:

1, pick up an edge strip force folding, the more difficult to break the better the quality, the reason is that the added calcium carbonate is less, so the product toughness and strength is better;

2, smell there is no taste, the use of good quality raw materials produced by the product generally taste small, if the taste is too large, it shows that the quality of raw materials used in production is relatively poor;

3, look at the color, the general color is bright, the surface finish is relatively better, the darker the color, such as black, gray, etc. is more likely to use back materials.

Purchase PVC Edge Banding Precautions

1, the surface is smooth, no bubbles, no lines, moderate gloss.

2, the surface and back flat, uniform thickness, uniform width.

3, the hardness is reasonable, the higher the elasticity, the better the quality, the stronger the wear resistance.

4, fix the side edge of the edge after the edge of the color and the surface color the closer the better, white is not obvious, good gloss, or the edge of the material is too often, leading to the overall color of the finished furniture is not coordinated.

5, the back treatment agent coating uniformity, in general, the transparent and white treatment agent is good, if the back of the improper treatment leads to a low degree of adhesive bonding after sealing, and even not bonded.

6. The color of each batch of edge banding must be the same. The smaller the color difference between different batches, the better the quality.

7, trimming and cutting is not brittle, no gaps.

8, transparent sealing glue, plastic carton sealing tape, glued to the edge of the seal, with a finger in the position of the sealing adhesive glue rubbing back and forth several times, and then pull the role of this inspection is to check whether the edge band bleaching phenomenon.

PVC edge banding products are commonly used in furniture, office, kitchen utensils, teaching equipment, civilian laboratories and so on. Learning to identify its quality helps us to purchase quality products.

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