Production Technology Of Automobile Sealing Strip

- Jan 29, 2018-

1, Extrusion

The automobile rubber seal strip adopts the cold feed extruder to extrude the molding, the extrusion head has the single head, the compound (double compound and many compound) nose and the shearing head. Among them, the screw length diameter ratio of the microwave vulcanization extruder is generally 16, and the screw length diameter ratio of the shearing head vulcanization extruder is greater than 20.

2, vulcanization

Cold feed extruder Extruded rubber Sealing strip semi-finished products using continuous vulcanization process vulcanization, curing method has microwave vulcanization, shear head vulcanization, salt bath vulcanization and boiling bed vulcanization (also known as vulcanization bed vulcanization, heating medium for medium 0.1-0.2 mm glass beads, temperature of 250 ℃), Hot air vulcanization (Silicone rubber seal only) and high speed hot air vulcanization (air velocity is 120km h-1, temperature is 400 ℃). High-speed hot air vulcanization due to slow heat transfer, heating equipment energy consumption is high (microwave vulcanization heating equipment 3 times times, cutting head curing equipment 5 times times).

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