Non-woven Brush Roller Manufacturers Long sheng brush industry introduced Non-woven Brush roller

- Jan 29, 2018-

Non-woven brush roller is the late selection of PCB manufacturing a class of brush rollers, according to the manufacturing process is divided into radial (Flap type), the wafer (disk type) and the overall sponge (sponge type) three categories.

Non-woven Brush Roller According to the different abrasive materials are divided into silicon carbide abrasives, alumina abrasives and pure Non-woven category. Whether it is sic or alumina abrasive, the distribution range of particle size is consistent with that of nylon needle brush roller. Non-woven brush roller is characterized by fine grinding, the treatment of uniform surface roughness, which can significantly improve the adhesion of photosensitive film and solder mill, especially for line width/line distance ≤100um, copper foil thickness ≤35 um PCB manufacturing. In the field of burr removal after drilling, photosensitive membrane pretreatment and resistance welding (oxidation prevention) before treatment has its outstanding performance.

Non-woven brush roller also has his shortcomings, the disadvantage is that the service life is short, so that the high cost of grinding. The introduction of ceramic brush roller PCB manufacturing industry is more recent years, it is specially used to plug the oil mill removal and PTH after treatment, but because its cost too high to join the recent Non-woven Brush roller has been developed in addition to similar functions of the brush Roller: such as special removal of the hole ink brush rollers and PTH after processing brush rollers. The market share of the ceramic brush rolls is further reduced after the cost of the brush rolls is further lowered.

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