Refrigerator door seal hardening emergency repair tips

- Mar 22, 2018-

After a long time use, the refrigerator door seal will become hard and old. If you cannot temporarily replace the new door seal, you can perform emergency repairs as described below. 

The following describes emergency repair tips for refrigerator door seals:

(1) Remove the refrigerator door from the box and cut the four corners of the door seal with a sharp knife. 

(2) Remove the plastic magnetic strip from the door seal and still suck it on the box.

(3) Soak the removed door seal in a basin containing hot water of 55-65 degrees Celsius for 4-6 minutes. Grasp both ends of the door seal by hand and straighten the flatness (tension) of the door seal. It should not be too large to fall off. Place it on the flat glass and press it against the glass. After cooling naturally, the door seal will become flat. If it does not work once, repeat it several times until the bump disappears. 

(4) Due to stretching, the length of the door seal after the above treatment is slightly longer than the original. Therefore, the excess part should be cut to the original length and finally cut into a 45 degree bevel. 

(5) Insert the magnetic strip into the door seal in the reverse procedure to the removal, then replace the door seal and glue the four corners of the door seal with 502 glue.

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