The main performance of the Door Seal Product

- Mar 22, 2018-

Non-toxic products, environmental protection, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, stable performance, can maintain good performance in summer and winter.

Magnetic door seal:

1, steel skeleton three kinds of composite, not easy to deform and shrink, the assembly is firm, good sealing

2, door and window curtain wall seal has good flexibility and resistance to migration, can effectively block noise, dust and wind and rain. 

Rubber and other materials based, according to its use can be divided into automotive seals, mechanical seals, doors and windows seals and other major categories. Sealing strips can be classified according to the cross-sectional shape, vulcanization method, use location and use, and materials used. 

The seal is designed to prevent fluid or solid particles from leaking from adjacent joint surfaces and to prevent external impurities 

1. Lightweight, lightweight, tough and strong

2. Insulation material has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation

3 Non-absorbent, independent foam structure, low water absorption Magnetic door seal

4. Excellent cushioning performance, can be used as cushioning material.

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