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- Apr 04, 2018-

Brush seal is also called brush bar, bar brush, iron brush, aluminum brush, stainless steel brush, industrial brush, dust brush, waterproof brush, anti-oil mist brush, etc., is the use of iron bar, aluminum bar and stainless steel The brush with brushed wire U shape is added to the strip, and some can also be fitted with a base or a part of L-shaped extension on the side according to the customer's requirements, so that it can be easily installed and fixed by the customer.

The main function of the brush bar is windproof dust, dust cleaning, equipment sealing, elastic pressure assist, polishing and polishing. Brushes are mainly used in industries: elevator industry, food machinery, packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, glass industry, ceramic industry, door and window industry, wood industry, furniture industry, hardware industry sanitation industry, cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner accessories, wind turbine sealing , mechanical plant dust.

Brush classification

1. Hair brush according to the process of planting hair type and compression type and threading type.

2. The brush is divided into five categories according to the material: plastic silk brush, animal hair brush, plant brown hair brush, wire brush and copper wire brush.

3. The brush is divided into three types according to the purpose: door and window, office furniture, elevator edge protection brush, industrial machine windshield dust and dust brush, and industrial machine dust and dust brush.

4. There are many styles of brush strips, not single, like a 7-character u-shape and o-character are a kind of brush strips

Note: Nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) brush filaments have good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good elasticity. They are suitable for dust removal and cleaning of household brush parts, such as vacuum cleaner brush, brush roller, brush Platforms, etc.

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