Classification of building sealant - building sealant.

- Apr 20, 2018-

Classification of building sealant - building sealant.

1. The basic polymer classification includes: silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, acrylic, butyl, asphalt and oil resin modified products.Silicone, polysulfide and polyurethane are the most widely used in China, especially silicone sealant.Because of its special molecular structure, silicone sealant has the properties of both inorganic and organic polymers.Silicone rubber is an aggregation of si-o - based chains.Its key to 106 kcal/mol, and usually the high polymer material C - O and C - C key can are smaller, 80 and 85.2 CAL/mol, respectively, in other words, if the interrupt Si - O chemical bonds, it need high energy, so the silicone gel is stable and has a superior resistance to UV and ozone resistance, weathering resistance, temperature tolerance and characteristics of one-component, two-component various forms application, at the same time can make the different performance requirements according to the needs of building products, especially in the structure of concealed frame glass curtain wall is irreplaceable other material bonding applications.In silicone sealant production in China and relative polysulfide, polyurethane raw material industry development to scale and mature, the current class silicone building sealant products account for more than 60% of our country building sealant usage.Foreign modified silicone products are also used in construction, and our country is limited to other fields.Building polysulfide sealant used in aircraft, aviation and so on in the early 1960 s in the field of oil resistant and solvent resistant adhesive sealing, also used in construction in our country in the 80 s seam sealing, due to the high cost of production of raw material, at present has been largely replaced by silicone products.But polysulfide sealant has good anti permeability and oil resistance, solvent resistance properties, are widely used Yu Zhongkong glass manufacturing, parts used in construction joint sewage and garbage dumps, storage structure and steel structure anticorrosion seal, etc.The diversity of polyurethane molecular structure can make different products with wide modulus range, which can be applied to many materials.And because of its flexible chain, anti-vibration effect and fatigue resistance is very good, it is especially suitable for different materials of adhesive and caking of flexible material, and there is very good low temperature resistance, is widely used in many industrial.The material in the field of architecture in the United States, Japan, Germany, the application of the developed countries such as close to the silicone products, at present in our country due to the backward raw material industry, sealant development is restricted by some of the products.In addition, there are small - elastic sealing products including butyl, acrylic acid, asphalt and oil resin.This kind of product has small elasticity, which can be applied to the lower part of construction joints.

2. According to the classification of displacement ability, the performance judgment of the sealed product of the building is mainly based on the sealant standard.Whether the international standard ISO11600 or the ASTMC920 in the United States, JISA5758 in Japan, BS5889 in the UK, DIN18540 in Germany, hy-868 and 18545 are all graded according to the product's resistance to displacement.Currently, the new building sealant product standard in China is formulated according to the iso11600-2000 construction structure sealant classification and requirements.According to the test, the cold stretch/thermal compression range can be divided into the following levels: 25LM, 25IM, 20LM, 20HM, 12.5, 12.5E, 12.5P, and 7.5P.ISO11600-2000 standard of each classification performance indicators are shown in table 1-3: our country formulated and revised 2001 building sealant standard has: JC/T881-2001 concrete construction joint sealant: YJC/T882-2001 glass curtain wall joint sealant, JC/T883-2001 stone building sealant.

3.Single seal seam flooding increase 16 times, estimated life 4 years fold the corner set of hollow glass box without Angle of penetration without connectors (3) by containing butyl hot-melt sealant stability of the desiccant moisture absorption (4) double seal moisture permeability calculation life for 85 years.


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