Classification of belt brushes

- Jan 29, 2018-

1. Conveyor belt: Imported PVC, PU, PE conveyor belt and food grade conveyor belt;

2. Transmission belt: All kinds of imported high-speed plane transmission belt, synchronous belt, round belt, variable speed belt, multi-channel belt, PU Universal triangle belt, wide angle belt;

3. Rubber belt: green, black beige rubber belt, canvas belt.

Belt brush is in the conveyor belt punched on the replantation of nylon brush wire or bristle, etc., supporting the cleaning equipment or product transmission. Homemade Belt Brush production process for the majority of artificial string forms, the disadvantage is that the back of the line exposed by grinding, resulting in brush silk loose hair. My company through a number of research and development and cooperation with the majority of customers, has developed a special belt brush CNC flocking technology, brush wire fixed solid, mature technology, product neat and beautiful, brush hair level, compared to imported belt brush still have.

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