Application Range of Brush

- Jan 29, 2018-

First, hardware, building materials industry. In fact, the brush also belongs to the industry area of hardware tools, so its use in this industry is needless to say. Specifically, used in hardware and building materials industry brush products have iron hair brush, pipe brush, nylon polishing brush, other materials polishing brush, roller brush, wire brush roll, Spring brush roll, brick machine brush, color tile machine brush, brick-free machine brush. In some cases, the abrasive brush rolls containing sic or alumina are used for surface deburring and sanding treatment of castings or inverted die parts.

Second, environmental protection, sanitation industry. The main products are sweeping road car brush, sewage treatment brush, washing machine brush, computer car wash machine brush. Washing machine with roller brush and sanitation car plate sweeping brush, generally using high-strength plastic brushes made to clean the dirt on the ground, sewage treatment equipment on the brush used to isolate the solid objects in the sewage.

Third, the textile processing industry. It can be said that the textile processing industry has always been the use of industrial brush large. The brush products used in the industry have stereotypes machine brush wheel, Hair brush machine, brush hair machine brush, combed machine brush, brown brush, spinning machine brush, grinding machine brush, polishing cloth wheel.

Four, glass manufacturing industry. This is one of the more widely used industrial brush applications. Glass industry needs to use the industrial brush products have cleaning agent brush roller, edging machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA water sponge roller.

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