Application of Dust Brush

- Jan 29, 2018-

The main use of dust Brush is installed in industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows and other parts of the import and export, used to prevent dust through these gaps drilling, pollution equipment and products, so the requirements for the brush is a high elasticity, brush surface lubrication better, preferably with anti-static function. Suitable for glass, steel, automotive, Pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, printing, home appliances, furniture, cigarettes, food, beverages, fruits, vegetables, environmental protection, textile printing and dyeing industry products such as cleaning, dust, polishing, sealing, water absorption, the United States and High-temperature belt conveyor products.

Kunshan ANDA Brush Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds of aluminum alloy seal brush and PVC Base seal brush, mainly used for industrial machinery sealing dust, cabinet chassis dustproof threading. Products well received by customers.

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