Aluminum alloy door and window seal how to use?Part Two.

- Mar 26, 2018-

Aluminum alloy doors and windows and beading have special sealing strip groove, when installing the sealing strip, we must carefully remove the notch debris to ensure uniform clearance on both sides, the installation part must be flat, do not stretch, can not be curled , joints should be less than 1MM.

When aluminum alloy doors and windows and frame fans are installed with sealing strips, the strips are slowly pushed into the notches in the correct orientation with special rollers, and the strips are pressed downwards to fit into the notches. In order to prevent the rubber strip from being elastically retracted due to the roller pressure, pay attention to the installation, first retract some of the ends of the strip to the middle, and then cut the embedded slots after leaving the length.

Already made of aluminum alloy doors and windows, how to install the seal it? You can buy the kind of direct sticky wool, in the vicinity of the aluminum alloy doors and windows near the corner with a tool shovel to cut the small groove on both sides of the top 1CM about the small mouth, you can see there are slots, directly stuffed into, this operation is a little troublesome .

The sealing strips are generally applied to aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the sealing strips are installed by the pressure strips and the inner fan, so that the glass and the frame fan are more closely formed to form a good waterproof and sealing effect. There are also dust, pest control, sound insulation and other functions. Users must choose good quality sealing strips, so as to achieve the effect of high temperature resistance, aging resistance and long service life.

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