How to do plating on aluminum and aluminum alloy surface?

- Apr 16, 2018-

      Aluminium and aluminium alloy plating on the surface of the metal, can significantly improve the surface physical or chemical properties, and do with aluminium and aluminium alloy conductor, plating silver on the surface can improve the electrical conductivity of surface or electrical contact areas;To make aluminum easy to weld, electroplated copper, nickel or tin on its surface;In order to improve its wear resistance, plating thickness on its surface.In the decorative aspect, in fact, mostly electroplating.

     Aluminum and aluminum alloy surface electroplating, has long been tried and has been used in actual production.But between aluminium and aluminium alloy and coating oxide, aluminium and aluminium alloy with different thermal expansion coefficient of metal coating, coating with factors such as pinhole and remnants of plating solution, causing poor bonding strength, long time use will flake peeling off immediately after plating, even in the field of surface treatment, aluminium and aluminium alloy electroplating technology is still in the exploratory stage, no substantive breakthrough for quite a long time, has not been formed complete, mature technology.The adhesion of the coating is not only the electroplating quality of aluminum and aluminum alloy, but also the industry bottleneck.

Process flow of conventional aluminum and aluminum alloy plating.

      The plating process of aluminum and aluminum alloy has three parts: pretreatment, electroplating and post-treatment.Pre-plating treatment is a key process related to the quality of electroplating products. The main purpose is to remove the oil and grease on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy, and to form oxide film and other contaminants naturally.

Conventional process for commonly: skim - water - reducing erosion - water - acid - washing activation - washing - a zinc leaching zinc - water - back - water - twice - water - neutral leaching zinc plating nickel - water - subsequent electroplating.

       In addition, the anode oxide film with wave is used to replace the zinc plating process. Modified general aluminum and aluminum alloy plating pretreatment technology. Degrease alkaline etching - wash - acid - washed - washed - washed - washed - alkaline activated - zinc - wash - -wash .

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